"Bay of the Bones" - Museum on water

The site of this prehistoric lake-dwelling village is the peninsula and avtokampot Gradiste, at a depth of 3 to 5 meters. Nearest stake of 6,000 was discovered 12 meters in the lake, which assumes that stake is the bridge that blend settlement. It is assumed that stretched the 8,500 square platform, and it had maybe 60 Ina habitats. The site discovered the remains of many tools, items of pottery, wood, stone and parts of animals, as, for example, the horns of a deer.


Nakolnite settlements were made platforms cities that stood on wooden kolovi stuck at the bottom of the lake. On these platforms were nakolni houses of prehistoric people, who draw bridge were connected with the shore. Residents of these neighborhoods have dealt mostly with fishing and agriculture and hunting. At this point the various vessels and objects of pottery and stone found in a dry and underwater. Since prehistoric times, antiquity, Middle Ages until today. civilizations and heritage that make the foundation and the roots of this country. The last years of the 20th century in Macedonia developed a hitherto unknown area, underwater archeology and soon led to several significant discoveries.


"Bay of the Bones"

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